Access Requests

Access Request Procedure

The procedure for assessing Access Requests may be viewed below.

Download Procedure for Assessing Access Requests

Capacity Availability

There are rail and truck windows available at the Moorebank IMEX Terminal on all days (Monday – Friday).

Please refer any requests for access to:

Damian Wilson

Application Form

A copy of the application form may be downloaded below.

Download Application Form

Rolling Stock Standards

Rail Operators accessing the Moorebank IMEX Terminal are required to use wagons which are either:

  • CQZY class wagons (see specifications attached);
  • CQBY class wagons (see specifications attached); or
  • Equivalent wagons which meet the Asset Standard T HR RS 00400 ST mandatory requirements for bogie Angles of Attack A0A and steering performance.
  • Rail 0perators are also referred to the rolling stock requirements and procedures for assessing the ARTC rail network which are available here.
Download Rolling Stock Standards CQBYDownload Rolling Stock Standards CQZY

Standard Customer Agreement

A copy of the Standard Customer Agreement containing the Standard Carrier Access Terms can be viewed and downloaded below.

Carrier access to the Moorebank IMEX Terminal is managed through Qube’s VBS system known as Maximus. Please contact the Operator to access this system – refer to the Terminal Access Contact Page.

Download Standard Customer Agreement